Shipping Rates Costing Too Much?


With ecomSHIP we can save you up to 70% on your FedEx and DHL shipments. No hidden costs, no monthly fees, no B.S.

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Step 1: Send Us Your Data

Send us 1 month’s worth of your shipments. We’ll analyze it for you.

Step 2: We Analyze It

We analyze your shipments to see how we can help.

Step 3: Save Big!

Save up to 70% on DHL and FedEx rates and put that money back in your business!

Tired of wasting your money on expensive shipping rates?

Don’t worry! Once you switch over to our account you will start saving money right away!

How much will I save? Is it even worth it?

Most of our clients see a minimum of 15% savings and many save up to 70%. It is ALWAYS worth it to seek cheaper rates in order to remain competitive in this industry. At no cost to you, what do you have to lose?

Afraid to make a big commitment?

 No Worries! With ecomSHIP we have No fees, volume commitments, or hidden costs and you’re not locked in any contract.

What about cash flow? How does billing work?

Our customers love this the most about our service! No need to worry about covering your shipping expenses anymore, we’ll take care of that! This leaves with more $$$ for day to day operations.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the trusted brands we’ve worked with

"There are so many warehouses and fulfillment companies out there! ecomBLVD helped match us up with someone who specifically met our needs and saved us money on shipping! Thanks guys!"

– Steph Rosenberg

"We struggled to find a fulfillment company that could take us on since we sold perfume. But, the consultation from ecomBLVD really helped us find the right partner!"

– James Chang

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